The LuviVa Cancer Machine

Medicross – “Matibabu ni Sasa” clinics in partnership with GUNDUA FOUNDATION – “The earlier the Better” LAUNCHED with a FREE MEDICAL CAMP on Saturday 28th May, 2016 in Nakuru at Medicross clinic along George Morara Road, Next to CMC Motors across from Kenol Petrol station.

Medicross launched their Nakuru clinic one of the many high quality, efficient, and accessible clinics establishing throughout the urban areas in Kenya. Medicross is growing rapidly to meet the health needs of the Kenyan people.

GUNDUA FOUNDATION is an ambitious programme founded by Charity Mwangi the Miss World Kenya 2015/16 out of a personal encounter with cancer.

The programme is aimed at improving the survival rate of cancer patients in Kenya by promoting a culture of regular screening and early detection to enhance the chances of successful treatment. This they will do by mobilizing, educating and conducting early detection of cancer using the help of a cancer detection device, LuViva.

Cervical cancer is a preventable and potentially curable cancer when detected early, yet it continues to be among the leading causes of cancer death in developing countries. Screening for cervical dysplasia is critical for early detection in order to reverse this trend. Several traditional screening methods such as Pap smear test, HPV-DNA screening test, and visual inspection with acetic acid or lugol iodine are in vogue with different specificity and sensitivity. LuViva advanced cervical scan is a new automated screening tool that has great promise for the detection of the disease in its earliest form both in developing and developed countries.

LuViva is a point-of-care device with capability to scan the entire body organ to identify the likelihood of pre-cancer cells. It is fast and painless test for early detection of disease that leads to cervical cancer. LuViva provides an immediate and objective result and brings a new level of efficiency to the management of cervical cancer.

Once the machine is HERE from abroad the screening or recall procedures will be done for FREE by trained Medicross healthcare personnel at the Various Medicross clinics near you.

All cancer types will eventually continuously be screened but currently come for FREE screening of breast, prostate and cervical cancers.

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